TCL C825 with Intelligent Display: Mini LED Redefining the TV Viewing Experience Forever

TCL a global leader in the sector of consumer electronics is known to come up with products that are not only innovative but also come at an affordable price point. The brand in no time has established a benchmark in the Indian market and is now giving tuff competition to the big fishes of the industry. Keeping in view the needs of the dynamic and young Indian consumers TCL recently launched India’s first-ever Mini LED TV. The Mini LED TV has already been the talk of the town all thanks to the all-new Mini LED technology coupled with some additional great specs.

The TCL C825 popularly known as the Mini LED is the future of smart TVs in India. Sporting a higher count of LEDs than the traditional LED panel the Mini LED offers better contrast and brightness. This 4K smart TV gives better control over backlighting to render deeper blacks and brighter whites. The addition of Quantum Dot technology enhances the colours and contrast to offer realistic picture quality. The C825 also features HDR10+ and Dolby Vision IQ for better saturation. All of this coupled with a user friendly interface tailored for the Indian consumers gives you a seamless viewing experience.

Let us dive deep into the features and performance of the first ever Mini LED of the country and also explore how to unlock mega possibilities with this TV.

Mini LED

The TV sports numerous LEDs in order to improve the picture quality. TCL is the pioneer brand to include Mini LED technology in its products and commercialize it in the Indian market. The Mini LED offers finer and better control over its highlights and shadows as a result the viewers get better contrast and picture quality.  The numerous mini LEDs that are implanted inside the TV enhances the backlight of the television, the liquid crystal layer modulates the light to create better and enhanced picture quality.

Quantum Dot

The Mini LED coupled with the presence of a billion Quantum Dot nanocrystals ensures that the TV is very well capable of offering exceptional full-array local dimming as a result the viewers get better viewing angles making your TV viewing g experience more immersive and realistic.

120Hz MEMC

An intelligent algorithm designed by TCL, it leverages the frame interpolation technology in order to enhance the quality of TV viewing. It intensely enhances the video and picture quality while viewing some action packed content. The whole technology is based upon the addition of relevant frames to the content pieces that makes them appear with enhanced smoothness and high frame rates.

Game Master

An exceptional feature offered by TCL this provides an ultimate gaming experience to the gamers. With the help of smooth processing the users experiences a powerful performance with minimal input lags. Additionally the TV also features 4-way HDMI 2.1 ports, VRR, ALLM, eARC, and WiFi6 making it a perfect gaming partner for the fans of high-graphic action games.

IMAX Enhanced

Yet another premium feature of the TCL C825 is the IMAX Enhanced certification. This clearly means that the users will now be able to enjoy a theater-like experience at the comfort of their home. One of the pioneer brands to come up with IMAX certification TCL TVs promise to offer clearer pictures and brighter images along with augmented sound, thus enhancing the overall viewing for users.

ONKYO Sound Solutions

The front-firing ONKYO speakers coupled with a 30W subwoofer delivers powerful and immersive sound across the room. This will surely take the listening experience to an all-new level.

Dolby Atmos + Dolby Vision IQ

The TCL Mini LED features the advanced version of Dolby Audio as well as Dolby Vision known as Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision IQ respectively. On one hand the Dolby Atmos makes the content listening ultra-realistic and noise by improving the sound quality and on the other hand the Dolby Vision IQ ensures that your TV is smart enough to automatically adjust the colour and contrast based on the lighting of the room.

AIPQ Engine

The AIPQ Engine from TCL is capable of recognizing the specific scenes to optimize the colour and contrast for an unrivaled 4K HDR experience. Driven by machine learning algorithm, this TCL TV gives you the best-possible viewing experience with stunning clarity, vibrant colours and sharp images.

Home Entertainment Center

The TCL Mini LED comes with TCL Smart UI that can help you spend quality time with your family. The TCL Home Entertainment Centre helps you access countless content and games online. You can now binge watch your favourite series, shows or simply spend some time with your friends and family playing online games on the go.

Home Control Center

With the TCL Home Control Centre users can now easily and conveniently control the smart home gadgets. Simply command your TV to switch on the AC or turn off the lights while you sit back and relax. The Home Control together with AI and IoT will redefine comfortable living making your TV the center of your home.

Magic Camera 

The Mini LED also comes packed with a magic camera featuring video call and gesture control. This feature by the TCL provides the users with a seamless video interaction experiences with friends, family and colleagues. The TV also comes with a gesture control feature which not only allows you to take pictures but also control your TV by simple hand gestures.

Additional Features

Under the hood, the TV has dual-band Wi-Fi and also boasts of HDMI 2.1 features. The TV also comes packed with VRR, ALLM and Freesync. The users can now stream faster as well as high graphic games without any lags. The MagiConnect feature also allows the users to easily connect their smartphone to the TV.

The Mini LED technology is the future of the smart TV industry and you can easily avail the TCL Mini LED online as well as offline.

(The views expressed in this article are by TCL. doesn’t own any responsibility for it.)

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