Indians citizens are innovating with COVID-19 Safety solutions

As the government has allowed select industries to open offices from 20th April, Indian citizens have brought in solutions to combat COVID-19 and maintain a sanitized environment and reduce risk to life. Taking a cue from China, Indian citizens are experimenting with technology to create solutions for hands-free sanitization devices. One such example is of AUTOMATIC SANITISING APPARATUS, invented by Mr.Baljit Singh which is being tested at . This apparatus is expected to play a very vital role in gaining the confidence of people while using public/personal transport.

Now that people are preparing for being back to work, mobility is to become unavoidable. However, it will be very tough for operators/ owners to keep vehicles’ seats/surfaces/touchpoints/interiors surfaces, etc. disinfected efficiently and quickly manually. Sanitizing such areas manually is not only tedious but also hazardous, inefficient, time-consuming and expensive. Also, there will be a high risk of getting infected for people engaged in disinfecting manually. Keeping this in mind,  Mr.Baljit Singh, VP Operations Head of Brookfield Properties has invented a technology that enables the Sanitisation of passenger vehicles, elevators including flights etc.

AUTOMATIC SANITISING APPARATUS is used for Sanitising the interior surfaces of the passenger vehicles including seats and most of the touchpoints by performing automated spray of disinfectant on these surfaces. This apparatus is designed to Sanitize the seats of cars, taxies, Ambulances, Vans,  buses, flights, trains, and even can be utilized to sanitize elevators, interior walls, etc.

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