GH Raisoni University partners with Slonkit to create a digital and cashless campus

GH Raisoni University, one of the premier institutions based out of Saikheda, Madhya Pradesh has partnered with Slonkit to digitise its campus and enable cashless transactions. Slonkit will issue RFID-powered prepaid VISA card to all students. Due to its multi-functionality, this customized Slonkit – GH Raisoni co-branded card will enable payments to in-campus merchants such as canteen, library and act as a college identity card giving access to multiple touch points in the University. The same card can be used online or at physical stores anywhere in India.

Furthermore, the Slonkit card can be operated through a Slonkit mobile app. The app runs seamlessly on both Android and iOS and can be used by the students to load money to the card, create budgets, track expenses across categories such as food, shopping, entertainment, etc. and even recharge their mobile phones. They can also avail a host of offers to get great value from the money at hand. Slonkit has ensured the highest standards of safety and security and the card can be suspended in one-click if the card is stolen or lost.

Slonkit has ensured a special focus on financial literacy and smart money management. From its notifications on financial facts to its contextual contests, Slonkit is consistently creating avenues for youngsters to manage money smartly and become financially prudent citizens.

Commenting on the development, Dr. Rajan Welukar Vice Chancellor, GH Raisoni University said, “It is important for educational institutions to create avenues that can help in the overall development of the students. Financial education and smart money management are as essential as academics. We are happy to partner with Slonkit to create a digital and cashless educational campus and enable our students to become financially prudent citizens.”

Expressing his views on the partnership, Javed Tapia, Founder, Slonkit, said, “Money management is an essential life skill and must be acquired at a very young age. Through our partnership with GH Raisoni University, we will enable their students to consistently practice expense management, budget creation etc. and become financially prudent. Our RFID powered Slonkit VISA Cards will enable the prestigious institution to seamlessly track and manage attendance. Our team will actively engage with the students to make “money management” a great learning experience.”

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