Indians unaware of the right fitness gear to wear: Reebok India survey

Reebok India has been constantly innovating to provide the right solutions to fitness enthusiasts across the globe. Staying true to its fitness-oriented focus, Reebok has recently introduced the Reebok HIIT TR, its first shoe designed for HIIT. This launch comes as a historic move for fitness seekers, educating them on the need for focused gear for specific workout routines.

Reebok has always kept consumer needs at the center of all their product innovations. This time too, in an effort better understand the fitness consumer, the brand rolled out a survey to understand the awareness amongst consumers about the right shoes that should be worn to the gym. While India is constantly evolving when it comes to fitness trends, the survey brought out the gaping lack of awareness amongst consumers.

The responses from consumers across Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore showed that 65% of people are aware about the difference between running and training shoes, yet when asked close to 60% of those people do not wear the right shoes to the gym. The fundamental reason behind this is that they are simply unaware about the effects that wrong gear can have to not just their optimal performance, but also their injury post working out.

Fitness is increasingly becoming a lifestyle choice and a standard new-year resolution, and fitness industry has also been growing leaps and bounds. The survey revealed that men tend to buy shoes more frequently than women, and when women do buy shoes it is in the range of 1K- 5K. If you are one of those gym goers who splurges on their shoes, you are a part of a mere 6% of the total universe.

The Reebok HIIT TR responds to a trend in the HIIT community of consumers frequently wearing running shoes that don’t provide adequate support for the dynamic movements of HIIT. The increasing popularity of HIIT-style workouts has created a rapidly growing global community and Reebok’s new fitness shoe answers the need for superior grip, stability and durability across an array of workouts.

Industry experts have agreed that wearing the right gear is as important as the workout itself.  However, the survey brought out an alarming truth that close to 40% of people are unaware about the difference between running and training shoes altogether. It has been Reebok’s aim to constantly educate and provide the right fitness solutions to consumers. and with upcoming launches and customer centric innovations, the brand will continue to focus on the same.

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