Philips multi-groomer series MG5000 and MG3000 launched

Royal Philips launched its new range of Multi-groomers i.e., MG5000 & MG3000 series, thereby entering the mid-range segments with strong affordable propositions for the first time in this category. The new series in each segment offers maximum versatility to consumers, making it easy for them to style their hair, face, and body.


Philips multi-groomer series MG5000 and MG3000

With increasing number of consumers taking control of their grooming regime into their own hands, the multi groomers assist and facilitate for a well-groomed body, from head to toe. They make it extremely easy for consumers to get their perfect look whether it’s that salon like haircut, an evenly trimmed beard, or a properly groomed body. The MG3000 series is a 9-in-1 grooming kit for Face, Hair and body and comes with impact resistant combs, and self-sharpening, skin-friendly blades for the perfect trim. The MG5000 series is their flagship 12-in-1 multi-groomer for face, hair and body, offering Dual Cut technology for maximum precision with 2x more blades, precision shaver to perfect the edges of cheeks, chin and neck and a detail metal trimmer to define the edges of the beard.

MG3000 series



Self-sharpening blades
Full metal Stainless steel
32mm Metal trimmer & Nose trimmer
6 adjustable attachments 8 adjustable attachments
Run time- 60 mins Run time- 70 mins
MRP- 1,795 MRP- 1,895

MG5000 series



Dual cut technology
2X more Full metal Stainless steel blades
32mm Metal trimmer, Nose trimmer, detail trimmer, precision shaver
Run time- 80 mins
10 adjustable attachments 11 adjustable attachments
MRP- 2,895 MRP- 2,995

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