KFC offers it’s Zinger Fest

KFC India adds the much-needed zing to your days with the Free Zinger Fest. Order your KFC favourites on the KFC App or Website for INR 399* or more and enjoy your crispy, juicy Zinger completely free. Yes, the very same ‘Original Celebrity Burger’ from the house, or rather, the kitchen of the Original Celebrity Chef – Colonel Sanders. The same Zinger that once travelled to the edge of space and later debuted as a ‘food celebrity’ at the Madame Tussauds museum in India. Now relish this iconic burger free on orders of INR 399* or more, upto September 30th; get ordering on the KFC App & Website (www.kfc.co.in) now.


Made with an extra crispy fillet of KFC’s signature chicken, layered with fresh lettuce & creamy mayo – the Zinger burger is the perfect answer to your hunger woes – neatly packed in a soft corn bun. Avail this zinger-ness in a bun by applying the promo code CHKZINGER or VEGZINGER when you place an order on the App or through the Website, on orders of INR 399* and more.

What’s better than a free Zinger burger offer you ask? Well, it is when your food & the Zinger comes to you with the additional assurance of KFC’s 4X Safety Promise. The order will be delivered to you completely Contactless – wherein the delivery executive places the bag by your doorstep and steps away as you collect it. He even calls you to inform that your order has arrived, to avoid ringing the doorbell you see. Or you could place a Takeaway order on the App/Site and collect the food in a similar Contactless manner. What’s more, is our team members follow stringent Sanitization measures, with all surfaces being sanitized every 30 minutes as well as food delivery bags after every order. All team members and delivery executives are Screened for their body temperature before they enter the restaurant. Social Distancing is adhered to at the restaurants as well as in the kitchens, with floor stickers guiding customers to maintain the necessary distance from each other.

The Free Zinger Fest is valid upto Sept 30th and exclusively available on the KFC App and Website (www.kfc.co.in). Oh, and did you know such is the love for Zinger that an Aussie lad once got the beloved burger tattooed on his torso; so, he can have the Zinger and eat it too! Luckily, you can get your Zinger through just an order, so open that KFC App now.

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