“StartupBay works with all early-stage startups across sectors and technology spaces” – By, Mr. Amit Jain, StartupBay Managing Partner and Co-Founder

StartupBay Managing Partner and Co-Founder Amit JainWhat was the thought behind StartupBay? When and why was it founded?

StartupBay was incorporated in 2015 with a mission to support early-stage startups by preparing startup founders with idea validation, business models, financial model, customer/market validation, product strategy, product development, investment strategy, business acceleration, and funding through extensive research, subject matter expertise and mentoring.

The vision of Startupbay is to become a leading accelerator with a 360-degree hyper-growth focus on early-stage founders working in the tech-enabled startup space.

What does StartupBay focus on?

Our accelerator focuses on 3 important aspects of the startup

  • Build a rock-solid foundation for the founders for them to become super successful entrepreneurs
  • Fill any gaps that may be present in the startup’s foundation viz. business, operations, or technology gaps
  • Bringing in strategic partnerships and investments at an early stage through our extensive network of investors globally

StartupBay works with all early-stage startups across sectors and technology spaces. Our focus is on tech-enabled startups with an added focus on new technologies like AI, Blockchain, IoT, AR/VR, SaaS, and others that are enabled through any of the new technologies.

What kind of programs are available? Thought behind that

In order to achieve the above-mentioned focus areas or goals our program is structured into the following:

– A 100 days Hyper Accelerator Pre- accelerator program that has helped over 5000 founders globally to become more successful entrepreneurs through this strong foundation course.

-StartupBay Studio which offers services like MVP building, Product scaling, GTM execution, Customer acquisition acceleration, Mentoring, and Coaching, etc.

-Uni club is an exclusive program focussed on helping heavy hitters startups raise the much-needed venture capital that they need for their startup to become globally scalable and be the next unicorn.

How is it different from the competitors?

There are many accelerators working in this space who are primarily focused on providing support and interventions through a mentoring and investment-based model. All other accelerator programs take away early equity from the founders. Our program is structured in a way where we first focus on building the foundation for the startup and the founders to be able to multiply their valuation and not dilute early equity. What differentiates StartupBay is a unique offering which starts from preparing the founders to multiply their valuation, followed by a build and scale phase to become the next unicorns. Our Global pool of mentors, subject matter experts, VCs, and CEOs who are part of the accelerator program help the promising founders build the next big thing. Our access through Silicon Valley and APAC in the VC, CEOs, and Technology experts networks uniquely position us.

Thought process and significance behind the name?

There is no specific thought behind the name. Since our first few portfolio companies accelerated and soft-landed in the Silicon Valley Bay area the name sounded more appropriate. But we are a global startup focussed accelerator and not in a particular location.

How has the growth been?

We successfully ran the program for 3 years between 2016 and 2019 and took a pause in 2020 before launching our 2021 program just a few months ago.

  1. In 2017 and 2018, we partnered with E-cell of IIT Mumbai to support the participating startups in Eureka as well as IIT alumni startups through mentoring and providing various interventions helping them establish and scale.
  2. Through 2017 and 2020, StartupBay accelerated over 50 startups from various spaces of which we saw 7 startups raise their pre-series A and series A rounds.
  3. In 2021, StartupBay has reengineered their accelerator model to a 3 phase program that helps early-stage founders build a strong foundation through a 100 days Hyper Accelerator Pre-Accelerator program, StartupBay Studio that helps build robust businesses over a 3-4 months period of business model, financial model, MVP and scale following the final phase of Startupbay Uniclub where the heavy hitters are inducted to become the next unicorns.
  4. In the next 3 years, StartupBay intends to reach a $5mn revenue from Pre-Accelerator course and services revenue, build a portfolio of $300 mn of early / growth stage startups with 5 unicorns created by end of 3 years

The founding team and background of the founders- age, education, previous work

Amit Jain– Amit Jain has incorporated many businesses as a corporate executive & an entrepreneur and has seen them through a path of scale and success. Leveraged technology know-how, experience & expertise, social & professional networks, to enable ideas and transform businesses with successful exits.

Starting with transforming the way music got consumed through a satellite radio service, to a mobile-based skills and aptitude testing platform, to set up the global enterprise & small and medium enterprise business for a leading telco,  to being a mentor &, advisor & enabler to businesses hungry for growth and change has been my track for the past over a decade or so. Mr. Jain is now building a technology focussed startup accelerator and a deep technology business solutions company.

An Engineering graduate in Electronics Design Technology with ADP in Global Business Strategies from Wharton School has been the foundation. Amit continues to read, research & learn from the ecosystem and contribute to it,  every single day.

Douglas Peris – Douglas Peris is a senior business leader with over two decades of corporate and operational experience in the telecommunications and IT industries in Asia. Enjoys a healthy relationship with a professional network of regional business leaders.

Brings a useful combination of corporate and entrepreneurial experience, and can share personal experiences and lessons learned in founding start-up companies in Australia, Singapore, and the Philippines. A graduate of Silicon Valley’s Startup and the Startup Course program with digital marketing certifications from Google, Squared Online, and Columbia University. Enjoys working with people, doing a role where he has to wear many hats and has a passion for working directly with customers and start-ups to be part of their success. A keen cyclist, and interested in food, rugby union, and beach holidays. Since 2008, has actively volunteered for the Tabitha Foundation in Cambodia.

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