IndiGo Cares announces key initiatives to support its employees and families

In-line with its spirit to support its people IndiGo has announced a host of initiatives to support its employees and their families in these trying times. From getting together a dedicated Covid Care Centre, to vaccination, IndiGo has put together holistic initiatives to help its people and families every step of the way. Details of those initiatives are appended below.

Dedicated Covid Care Centre

A dedicated Covid Care Centre, in collaboration with Columbia Asia Hospital, in Gurgaon. This 13-bedded Covid Care Centre is being set-up to help those COVID-19 positive employees who may need access to an oxygen bed with related medical facilities. This is available for use both by IndiGo employees and their immediate family members.

Vaccination Drive for all Employees

IndiGo has already commenced vaccination drives across 40 stations in its network and IndiGo Support Centre at Gurgaon. There are drives planned for some additional stations later this month. This is however also dependent on vaccine supplies and how quickly these will be made available by the Government and private hospitals.

Plasma Donor Bank

IndiGo has launched a Plasma Donor Bank initiative last week, with assistance from employees who have recovered from Covid-19 in the past three months.  Approximately 110 employees came forward to volunteer for donating plasma.

The Wellness Corner” mobile application

IndiGo has come up with “The Wellness Corner” mobile application and 24*7 helpline for doctor consultation, in partnership with Truworth Health Technologies. This App can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Some of the key features of the Wellness Corner app and 24*7 helpline are:

  • The 24*7 helpline is a dedicated, round the clock, support helpline to assist IndiGo employees and their immediate family members with Covid-19 and other basic medical queries
  • “The Wellness Corner” mobile application offers unlimited complimentary General Physician consultation for all  employees and up to five immediate family members. Through this App, the employees and their families  can connect with a certified doctor over a phone call, on a one-to-one chat or a video call, schedule health check-ups, book an RTPCR test or order medicines at your doorstep

Launch of Central Taskforce & Regional Taskforce

In the last two weeks, IndiGo set up a central taskforce to establish, monitor and review response strategies and create programs to support its people. This taskforce is further supported by a regional taskforce network.

Tie-up with Hotels for Quarantine Facility

To support its employees and their family members, IndiGo has  partnered with hotels, which will serve as a safe and hygienic place for any of their employees who are Covid+ with mild symptoms or are asymptomatic or are staying away from their hometown and want to safely distance from their housemates/family members.

Raj Raghavan, Senior VP & Head of Human Resources, IndiGo said, “ Our people are at the heart of all that we do.  The safety and well-being of our people and their families is not only paramount, but it is a sense of duty for all of us at IndiGo to be there for them- physically, financially, and emotionally. Needless to say, our people have stood with us like a rock, and that’s what inspires us to do more. We do hope that all these measures help them and their families in these challenging times. It is really a moment to express our gratitude to all our people who have demonstrated exemplary resilience, grit and empathy in this current scenario.”

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