Zoomcar launches its brand new signature fragrance– ACCELERATE

Most of the leading brands have ridden on this super power of smell to cocoon or liberate. Be it an iconic automobile manufacturer like Ferrari or hospitality behemoths like Hiltons of the world, all have certain distinct fragrances, an olfactory identity as a critical part of the brand’s experience. And now, Zoomcar is bringing its distinguished signature smell to its fleet of cars. Up until now, when you book a Zoomcar, you can see it, touch it and hear it, but with ACCELERATE, you will smell it as well, thus completely owning the experience.

At the beginning of the project, ACCELERATE was to be an in-car perfume. But during the trails, people were so enamoured with the smell, Zoomcar decided to go 180 on it, making Accelerate the world’s first perfume ‘For Car’ & ‘For Him & Her’.

Commenting on the new launch, Greg Moran, CEO of Zoomcar said, “We are very pleased to unveil the signature fragrance of Zoomcar, which is going to help us extend a well-rounded, holistic experience to our users. ACCELERATE is the outcome of year-long extensive research, perfumery and strive to capture the smell of freedom in a bottle. We have taken the utmost care in choosing the finest notes, getting the best ingredients from across continents and striking a delicate yet rare balance among them to arrive at the Smell of Freedom. The fragrance has secured raving reviews during the trails and we are affirmative that our users will appreciate the latest addition to their seamless mobility experience.”

For a lot of people, drive time is sacred and personal, a space of solace from the chaos outside. With the intention to celebrate this space, Zoomcar has created a unified signature smell that will soon hit all the dashboard of every Zoomcar and will be the same in all 45 cities that the company operates in.

ACCELERATE will also be available for personal cars and wardrobes exclusively via India’s leading e-tail as an invite-only product.

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