Bajaj Capital launches a New Website for a delightful customer experience

Bajaj Capital to launch a single-window website ( for the delightful customer experience of its 39 lacs+ clients. will be a one-stop for all personal finance solution. It will help visitors choose mutual funds, insurance, loans, credit card, fixed deposits, or retirement investments like NPS. Beyond that, the website will also offer the best in class services like retirement planning, financial assessment, tax-saving solutions, and portfolio reviews.

The website is built on the principles of design thinking: a methodology instituted by Stanford education and perfected by companies like Apple, the team at Bajaj Capital has spent over 6 months reaching, the last mile of its investors and have thought of new design experience from the ground up. During this research, Bajaj Capital came across 110+ pain points that currently bothers the customers in the financial category. All of these pain points were mapped with the solutions.

The new website achieves a three-fold objective:

1. Relevant to three generations (Grand Father, Father, and Son) clients of Bajaj Capital,

2. Brings completely new and well-defined design principles so that we are in sync with today’s generations needs and desires

3. Creates a digital solution in a Phygital world

As a next step, Bajaj Capital’s digital team is working towards bringing in AI and machine learning from where customers will be able to get a personalized solution for all their needs.

Speaking on the launch of the new website, Mr. Sanjiv Bajaj – Joint Chairman & MD, Bajaj Capital, said, “ At Bajaj Capital, the foundational principles have been to identify and solve problems for the existing as well as a new-age customer looking for innovative solutions in Personal Finance. Currently, most of the fintech websites have turned into online provision stores offering whatever they want to sell and optimizing just on making sure you transact. We wanted to go one step further, we wanted to be useful first rather than just being a seller. So we implemented Design thinking principles and have done over 3000+ hours of detailed interviews with our customers across the age group mapping each of their needs, wants and desires to come up with this new version ”

The Project Director & Chief Digital Officer of Bajaj Capital – Aabhinna Suresh Khare said that “This website will empower our customers by providing them various solutions that Bajaj Capital has to offer under one roof. It will allow customers to fulfill their journey and find everything together by enabling a seamless entry into the Bajaj Capital universe.”

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