Havells launches Anti-Viral switch range

In our daily life electrical switches are one of the most used surfaces – thus, these surfaces may become a virus transmission carrier unintentionally. During the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers have become extra cautious about their health and hygiene while using any physical product which requires touch. Havells India Limited, a technology-led Fast-Moving Electrical Goods (FMEG) and Consumer Durable company launched anti-viral and anti-bacterial switches with ViruzSafe technology under the Crabtree switches and electrical wiring devices portfolio. The anti-viral switch ranges comes at the starting consumer price of INR 75 onwards.

Considering the consumer centric health, safety and hygiene needs in mind, Crabtree has innovated the latest ViruzSafeTM technology – the new innovative switch ranges Crabtree Athena and Signia destroys 92.5% of viruses on the Switch surface within 1 minute of exposure. As per efficacy level and time frame, anti-viral action ensures that the viruses are not transmitted upon by touch of switches to the users. Installing these switches will ensure substantially reducing chances of virus spread due to switch touch and safe environment for customers in their homes, offices, and hospitals by avoiding transmission of virus, bacteria, pathogens via Switches. Crabtree’s superior ViruzSafe technology ensures that these Switches are made with food industry grade safety, and uses non-cytotoxic material. This technology uses material which is natural extract that brings extra safety to users and environment – which is ROHS compliant. These are manufactured with the industry leading standard of efficacy and are tested by third party labs as per the standards such as ISO, JIS, IP 20 etc.

While launching the new product range, Saurabh Goel, President, Havells India Limited, said, “We are delighted to introduce Anti-viral range by Crabtree with ViruzSafe technology. This new anti-viral range is our latest customer oriented innovation addressing consumer’s on-going need of using hygienic and authentic anti-viral products that can reduce virus transmission risks. If switch is exposed to viruses, within 1 minute 92.5% of virus will be neutralised and within 2 hours 99.89% virus will be eliminated – thus greatly reducing transmission possibility to other users. With customer centricity at the core, we at Havells have constantly been working towards building safe, technologically advanced and hygienic products in order to satisfy consumer needs. To delight our customers, we are offering Crabtree Athena and Signia white switches will come with ViruzSafe technology at no extra cost.”

Since disinfecting and sterilising the environment is paramount in the current Covid scenario, this anti-viral and anti-bacterial range of Crabtree switches will be available throughout Havells offline and online retail sales channels. The brand has also launched anti-bacterial and anti-fungal switches last year under its Crabtree brand.

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