Panasonic Life Solutions in association with the Brigade Group to offer residential living with distinct theme

Panasonic Life Solutions with a wide product range is one of the leading domestic manufacturers of electrical construction materials. Being a preferred solutions provider in intelligent commercial and residential infrastructure, Panasonic Life Solutions today announced opening of a new model house near Bangalore airport, in association with the Brigade Group, one of India’s leading and socially conscious property developers, at the Brigade Orchards, Devanahalli.

With a common objective in mind; both Companies will develop residential and commercial spaces with themes of Comfort, Safety & Energy saving, integrating some of Panasonic’s advanced and innovative technologies and construction materials to create additional value. The model house has been fitted with Panasonic Life Solutions latest and high-end Japanese Technology products right from Modular kitchens, wooden flooring, interior door, switches, wiring devices, intelligent toilets, CCTV camera, basin with vanity, door security solutions, Home Automation, Solar powered HIT panels with hybrid option, and other electrical equipment’s that will add a lot of functional value and optimum space utilization of the model house. It is a three-storied house, with each floor focused on proposing products and technology solutions for an “active life,” “relaxed life” and “future life”. The Villa is meant to showcase the possibilities for professionals such as Architects, Interior designers and developers in Bengaluru and across India.

The Indian housing market is expanding massively as a result of rising income levels and the influx of people into various cities. The number of new home building aggregate to approximately 8 million units a year and the demand for pre-fitted homes and homes with added value like automation is estimated to continue increasing, especially from the millennials in urban areas. The housing demand will rise across all income segment and the expectation from each type of house will vary from luxury, automation to efficient space utilization, old age living etc. In combination with expertise and knowledge of Brigade group, Panasonic aims to make its product offerings suited to increasing expectation of each customer segment and propose a safe, comfortable living environment at large.

Mr. Hiroki Soejima, Chairman, Panasonic Life solutions India Private Limited, said that, “At Panasonic Life Solutions Limited, we aim to continue offering our outstanding products and services across all categories to our existing as well as newer customers in Asia as well as global markets. In association with Brigade, our aim will be to expand our product offerings along with making better products and enhancing comfortable life with advanced solutions”.

Talking about the association, Mr. Dinesh Aggarwal, Joint Managing Director, Panasonic Life Solutions, said that “The model house has been fitted with the latest and high-end Panasonic products Villa K1 at Brigade Orchards, Devanahalli is a three-storied house, with each floor focused on a purpose: thus the underlying thought of “active life,” “relaxed life” and “future life”. This will help the visitors understand how Panasonic can make a huge difference to homes & living; taking care of environment at the same time, as a responsible citizen. With an increasing buying power and wider exposure to lifestyles; an Indian home buyer is looking for technology intervention and highly functional spaces to enable them lead a comfortable and safe life at each stage of life. This is the essence of the Panasonic fitted Villa. With a shared belief and expertise of the Brigade group in creating innovative spaces for future lifestyles; our objective is to offer customized living spaces tailored to a Customer’s need.

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