Whirlpool launches new range of all-in-one Convection Microwave Ovens

Whirlpool of India launches the all new MagicookPro range of Convection Microwave Ovens. From crisping to baking, dry-roasting to grilling, steaming to zero-oil cooking and browning, the advanced technology and care-centric offerings in the MagiCookPro range make cooking convenient, efficient and healthy.

MultiHeat technology: Enjoy different cooking styles with the Whirlpool Microwave Oven. Its MultiHeat Technology has up to 7 different heat modes that helps you bake, grill, shallow fry, steam and much more all in one appliance
Guilt free indulgence with Zero Oil Cooking: Prepare your most-loved dishes in zero oil without worrying about your health
Up to 230-degree Tandoor Heater: Savour your favourite tandoori recipes hassle free
Up to 300 AutoCook Menu: Pre-programmed menus to prepare various exotic dishes at the comfort of your home


Commenting on the new launch, KG Singh, Vice President – Marketing, Whirlpool of India, said, “At Whirlpool we believe in constant innovation to keep up with ever-evolving consumer demands and the fast-changing lifestyle. In today’s day and age, there has been an increased preference towards creating a self-sufficient home, leading to informed and conscious decisions by consumers. Microwave category has seen double digit growth post Covid-19 and the convection range has been dominating the industry with 70%+ share in the segment. Thus, our MagicCookPro, latest in the convection portfolio, comes with up to 7 cooking modes and up to 300 recipes to choose from, making cooking for the most elaborate dishes easy and professional.”

Availability: www.whirlpoolofindia.com
Price: INR 9999

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