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Who doesn’t like getting things done with a tap on a screen or a simple wave of a hand, or even a voice command? Now it is not only our mobile phones which are smart these days, but other appliances are also smart and connected, to bring new levels of convenience into our homes right from home and kitchen appliances to bathware and sanitaryware. IoT technology is fast changing our expectations from home appliances in today’s time. While the core functionality of the appliance has improved mechanically, our interface with the appliances is now enhanced to elevate convenience.

As we look to re-enter the work-from-home phase with the rampage of Omnicron, bring in ease into your lifestyle by choosing from the wide range of IoT-enabled appliances from Hindware Appliances to upgrade and elevate your experience at home. With these appliances, you need not compromise on peace of mind. Say goodbye to manual operations and make your time indoors worthwhile.

Optimus i-Pro Chimney

Hindware’s Optimus i-Pro IoT Enabled Chimney comes equipped with MaxX Silence Technology that produces 32% less noise when compared to conventional Auto-clean Kitchen Chimneys. The Thermal Autoclean Technology keeps the chimney clean from inside, enhancing the cooking experience. It comes with motion sensor technology and can also be operated using voice commands or Hindware appliances mobile app.

Price: Rs. 48,990      

Ondeo Evo i-Pro Storage Water Heater

The intelligently designed IoT Ondeo Evo i-Pro Storage Water Heater lets you can control the water heater from any corner of your house with just a tap on your smartphone or voice commands. The heater is BEE 5 Star rated and is equipped with exclusive O’Pro protection that secures both the heating element and the tank adding to its long life. The heater tank is built with Titanium Core Shield technology which makes it more durable. The water heater can withstand a pressure of up to 8.0 bars, meaning it can be safely installed in multi-story buildings without the fear of any pressure damage.

Price (15L): Rs. 21,990, Variants: 15L and 25L

Tozzo Touch-Free Water Closet

Here is the Future of Hygiene with Hindware’s Touchfree Flushing Technology. It gives you a revolutionary new way that lets you flush with a simple wave of the hand. The Touch Free Flushing Technology ensures that your bathroom stays completely germ and bacteria-free. Its compact look makes it a match for smaller bathrooms as well.

Price: Rs. 16,990

Achelous Premium iPro Water Purifier

Achelous Premium iPro is a state-of-the-art water purifier, equipped with revolutionary ‘Flosense Technology’, India’s first RO membrane life alert (patent applied) feature & Real-time filters alert (patent applied) features that display the actual status of the RO membrane, and real-time balance life of other filters. The inbuilt intelligent sensors can smartly fill the outside water jug without any manual intervention. The smart water purifier also shows the input TDS and TDS of purified water and monitors a household’s daily water consumption for healthy living. The appliance is synced with Hindware’s mobile app and indicates filter life, RO membrane status, etc. for timely replacement. It also comes with a one-touch service registration feature, using the mobile or the product display panel.

 Price: 29,990

Elara iPro Water Purifier

Hindware Elara iPro water purifier comes with an Advance Copper+ technology that provides adequate nourishment from copper charged purified water, while also getting rid of bacteria, microbes, and fungi in water. Just like the other IoT-enabled water purifiers by Hindware, this smart water purifier also provides real-time TDS of purified water and monitors a household’s daily water consumption, while being synced Hindware’s mobile app. Additionally, the Wi-fi direct technology in the water purifier enables communication even without an active internet connection at home. There’s also a touch display icon for online call registration through the product itself.

Price: Rs. 18,990

Sensor Pillar Sensor Faucet

Putting a faucet with a presence sensor allows you to start the water flow with a simple hand gesture without touching it, and the flow will cease immediately if no presence is detected. A sanitary solution that, in addition to minimizing contact with potentially hazardous bacteria on surfaces, lowers water waste. Sensor faucets do not require human intervention. As a consequence, there is no corrosion, handling, or chance of harm. The expense of maintenance is significantly reduced, making it an ideal product.

Price: Rs. 5,430

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